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Tiny Houses with Downstairs Beds part 1

So, it turns out that a friend of mine is also looking for a “Tiny House” with a downstairs sleeping area.

Most of the tiny houses that I saw at first have the sleeping area in a 3′ 6″ high loft.  I’m not sure how long my hubby or I will be able to crawl into a loft to sleep.  Heck, some days I already can’t do that and he has had bursitis in his hips since he was a kid.  Plus, I’ve woken up with a start before and cracked my head hard on the ceiling when sleeping in a loft bed.  I knocked myself out cold.  I don’t ever want to do that again.

Graceful?  Me?  Yeah… not so much.

Anyway, getting back to the tiny house.  One of the issues with my research goals is that I’m still bouncing around trying to plan two houses.  One a shorter term place that we could stay in for at least 2 weeks, but not full-time.  The other a full-time and long term home.

The first company that I found thanks to Jay Shafer’s interviews is Tumbleweed Houses.  They have some really nice looking houses that they will either build for you or they will sell you the plans.  I have heard a lot of good things about this company.

One of the plans that has caught my eye is the Popomo Plans – House to Go Green Building Plans.

Unfortunately, for me, there are a couple of things that wouldn’t work for the long run.

I’m not too fond of having to crawl over my husband to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Nor do I want him doing it to me.

I would like a loveseat or couch in the “not bedroom” section in order to snuggle with hubby.  I’m not sure that I could fit something like that in here with the large windows.  Granted, we could snuggle in the bed, but that again brings up the crawling over each other issue.  Or I could delete at least one of the windows, but that kills the passive solar properties and the wonderful natural light that I need to stay happy.

Plus, the plans (The Designer Plans which I would prefer since I would have CAD files to share with my architect to make sure the place was up to local codes) are currently On Sale for $879.  Regular price $1079.

So, a grand before I even start buying materials.  I know that they are worth the price being asked, but I just don’t have that kind of money… I’m broke.  Add in the $20k estimated for building supplies…


Then again, I’m not planning on building for a couple of years.  There are plenty of options for using reclaimed, second hand, low cost, or free good quality materials.

I do like the side entrance, however, which allows for a more open floor plan.  The bathroom and kitchen on one end, the bed on the other.  I also like the large amount of natural light, but I would have to either blindfold Hubby so he can sleep (he needs it dark) or blackout curtain the bedroom.  That will be something to keep in mind no matter what option we end up going with.

Still… I went looking for other options.

Hello World!


I guess I should actually start blogging since that is why I registered this name after all.

I have a (very) small business right now making machine and hand sewn and embroidered items.  I will post more about that later.

I’m also currently obsessed with the Tiny House movement.  I’m trying to decide on my “Dream Home on Wheels.”  Though it looks like the first one I manage to get will be an RV so my hubby and I can travel easily, I would like to eventually have something that is more likely to blend in at an SCA event.  I’m leaning towards a Vardo (though I know they aren’t period to pre-1600s, but I don’t want a Tudor exterior and I’m not sure that I can really design the exterior to mimic another period style without looking silly or grossly out of place/an eye sore if it were to be parked behind/beside my house.

Yes, we live in a town house right now.  No, I do not plan to build this in my current backyard.  I’m not that crazy/stupid.  :-p

I will be posting more about tiny houses in the near future.  I’ll try to remember to tag everything properly, so you won’t have to read about houses if you’re only interested in knitting or sewing.