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Crafting, creating, sharing, teaching, dreaming… all things that I do in my “spare time.”
I’m involved in the SCA which is a medieval and renaissance educational organization, though we started out as a costume party in Berkeley, CA in the late 60s.  My local group is lovely, but since this is an international organization YMMV.  If you don’t like your local group, feel free to travel to another one and play there!

Because of my interest in the medieval and renaissance times, you may see some references to historically inspired projects.  You may also see some SCA specific projects (specifically my line of rapier fighter gear).

I am also a bit of a sci-fi and fantasy geek.  Also, I love animation: both old school and CGI.

Yup, self proclaimed geek.  What a surprise on the internet! ;-p

My interests in no particular order:

Singing (Just try to stop me!)

Renaissance Dancing and Belly Dancing

Fiber Arts (Sewing, weaving, braiding, spinning, embroidery, etc.)

Doctor Who (I used to ‘get my dance on’ to the theme song of the old series when I was a toddler – according to my brothers)

Firefly (and of course Serenity)

Anything Everything by Neil Gaiman (ok, this one might be higher on my list than it appears here)

Historical fiction including the movie A Knight’s Tale (Look! SCA the movie!)

Superhero and comic book stuff (Vertigo [The Sandman and Death series… see Neil Gaiman comment above], and both Marvel and DC)

Star Trek (Yes, I have seen most of every series, but I’m rusty on the original series),

Anything by Pixar (actually, most things that are animated well… I also love Alice.  It is a wonderful computer animation program with a drag and drop interface.  It also happens to teach computer programming.  My high school students really seemed to enjoy it.)

The Muppets (they just keep getting funnier as I get older… more jokes that I didn’t notice when I was a kid)

Star Wars (the first three movies that were released… the next three I just couldn’t get into.  Oh, George Lucas… Why?? )

And a bunch of other stuff.

Also, I seem to have (re)developed an obsession with tiny houses, RVs, mobile homes, and green technology.  Probably stemming from my wish to live in a “Gypsy Wagon” like those in the fantasy books I read as a kid (and to be honest, an adult).
Which reminds me, I also really enjoy Mercedes Lackey books.  The Free Bards have been keeping me entertained off and on for years.

Ok… signing off now.

Thanks for visiting!

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